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Double Chocolate Smoothie Bowl


5 minutes


10 minutes



1 medium sized frozen banana
½ avocado, fresh or frozen
1 serve, 25g, Two Islands Chocolate Protein Powder
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
2-3 dates, depending how sweet you like it you can add more
1 teaspoon cacao powder
¼ - ½ cup almond milk, depending on how thick you like it
Handful of ice cubes

Cacao nibs
Sprinkle of nuts, seeds, granola
¼ banana, chopped 
Shredded coconut
1 teaspoon peanut butter

  1. Add all ingredients into the blender, but only gradually adding in the almond milk a little bit at a time

  2. To get the smoothie a nice and thick consistency, you will need to blend for 20-30 second bursts, turn the blender off, take off the lid and stir the ingredients again before you blend again to ensure everything mixes together well

  3. If it doesn’t blend well, add in more milk until it starts to mix together properly

  4. Once you’re happy with the consistency, pour the smoothie into a bowl and add on toppings of your choice